The 6 Step Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program

Today there is an anti-aging revolution in health care and you are the main beneficiary. Successful and technological advances anywhere in the field of anti-aging medicine are more exciting, more relevant and more readily available for immediate application and you get benefit in the field of facial rejuvenation. Better, most exciting, effective new discoveries are non-surgical methods for facial rejuvenation. Yes, I said non-surgical and I said that …

Today there is an anti-aging revolution in health care and you are the main beneficiary. Successful and technological advances anywhere in the field of anti-aging medicine are more readily available for more exciting, more relevant and immediate application and benefit you in the field of facial rejuvenation. Better, most exciting, effective new discoveries are non-surgical methods for facial rejuvenation. Yes I said non-surgical and I’m effective.

How do we change at the bright age of the bright 16-year-old bright skin at the age of 40, who is beginning to look at his mother at the age of 65, in his eyes, eyes, wrinkles, The skin hangs down under the chin. Let’s review and understand clearly what these changes are, that we should look, recognize, and then take steps to correct.

Changes in skin texture (irregularity of surface)

Older skin looks dry than the skin of the child. More than half of the important natural skin moisturizing agent, Hyaluronic Acid is lost until we become 50 years old and you can not take pill instead of HA or apply it on your skin. The loss of hormonal support during menopause accelerates this change. Dry aged skin loses its luster, looks dull, almost gray. Older skin is wrinkled and rough and the pores are large.

Uneven pigmentation, brown spots, and red spots (pigment and blood vessels)

Uneven pigmentation and excessive growth of blood vessels are characterized by aging skin. This blur is a protective and provocative response to the skin that comes in contact with ultraviolet light from the sun and free from particles free of harmful agents in our environment and diet.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The fine lines and wrinkles are the classic signs of aging of the face. Static wrinkles are those that are present in the skin when the face is at rest. These wrinkles are due to the loss of collagen in deep layers of the skin. The collagen is destroyed by UV light from the sun and the free radicals from other sources. As the collagen disappears the volume is lost under the skin and wrinkled skin. This is not contrary to one grape wrinkles after drying to produce raisins.

Dynamic wrinkles are those that you see when the face is moving – the broken lines, lines of laughter, anxiety lines and crow legs. These lines are actually due to the pull of facial muscles under the skin of the face. After years of repeated pulling by facial muscles, dynamic wrinkles can lead to static wrinkles.

Deep face lines

Deep facial lines are the lines around the mouth, which are called nasic-labial fold lines and marine lines. These lines are different from wrinkles, because they are due to the combination of the facial muscles and the loose sagging skin. As the age of the face, the skin becomes loose and falls on the line drawing the facial muscles, for example smile line.

Loose skin

The skin of the old face has lost its elasticity and has become loose. Cheek has fallen and loose skin on loose skin called jaw The skin below the jaw on the neck is also hanging down, an event called the turkey weight.

What is the facial rejuvenation

The definition of rejuvenation is to re-create the youth or youth or restore it to an original or new state. The true face rejuvenation requires the improvement of all the changes in the face aging of the face to be restored in the face of youth or youth or in an original state. The 6-stage program is designed to address all aging changes without incorrect surgery.
6-phase non-surgical facial rejuvenation program

The 6-phase facial rejuvenation program has the following 6 steps:

1. Exemption
2. Excitement of new collagen formation
3. Removing unusual pigments and blood vessels
4. Relaxation of the facial expression lines
5. Fill the deeper lines of the face
6. tightening of skin

6-Step Program in Action – How It Happened

Step 1-Exfoliation
I start with all my patients on an exfoliation routine containing glycolic or salicylic acid with occasional exfoliating cream and microdermabrasion or surface chemicals. The latter peels are not the process of any bottom, you leave the office a little pink but with the refreshing glow. The exfoliating cream I use is Retin A® or Tazarotine®, although for patients with sensitive skin I use vitamin on top.

For patients with more serious aging changes, I use a wicker form of the exposure called MicroplasserPil®. This process is more deeper and more effective than a Microdermabrasion®, but you leave the office quite a bit and your skin needs 4 to 6 days to look normal. This is a great improvement over the laser resurfacing, which goes very deep and requires several weeks of recovery. MicroLaserePeel® does not lighten the skin or leaves the demarcation lines as the laser resurrects. Many doctors use dark chemical peels with TCA, but I like MicroLaserPeel® due to its accuracy and reliability.

Step 2- Stimulate New Collagen Formation

After deep withdrawal, it is the most important step to remove the wrinkles and fine lines of the stable face. This step is also the most time consuming and tedious and requires patience. There is no quick non-surgical method for removing facial wrinkles. Laser reshasing can remove facial wrinkles quickly and effectively, but I consider lasers to start a surgical procedure again and recover for long periods and in the short term the laser’s regeneration is unacceptable to most people.

While the above mentioned topical creams stimulate the new collagen production and require additional stimulation. Many new laser techniques, IPL and radiofrequency machines can stimulate the skin to create new collagen in deep layers without damaging the surface of the skin. These techniques are called non-ablative, which means that they do not remove skin cells of the surface as is done in laser reshasing, which is an ablative technique. Consequently, these non-elimination techniques are not a down-time process, which means that after one treatment, you are pink but quickly recover within hours.

There are many different brands of machines that can exhibit non-ablative stimulation of collagen formation, often called photorejuvenation. I like the one called Lasergenesis® because it is easy, painless and effective. IPL is also effective and it is very useful in patients who have too much pigmentation and abnormal blood vessels, but the IPL is more robust, it involves skin contact with the skin and should be used by the trained and experienced person. Use

Collagen stimulation is a long process. Effective results that you can see in the mirror are less wrinkles, at least 5-7 treatments are needed and 5-7 months are seen for profit. But, those wrinkles took 30-40 years to build, so it is very good to get rid of 7 months without surgery and to have less time.

Step 3- Removing unusual pigment and blood vessels

Although creams and expositions can remove many light brown spots and remove laser and IPL smaller vessels used in step 2, dark pigment and brown spots and more aggressive treatment is needed to remove large vessels is. There are many non-impermeable lasers available for removal of pigment and blood vessels. Although these lasers are non-ablative, they release a red mark which is visible for one or two days and is easily covered with make-up. I have used a laser named Varsupulis® for many years, which works very well, but the new Varsupulus® lasers are so expensive that they are rarely being built today. A new laser called CoolGuide® is very effective for large blood vessels. Today, IPL is an alternative to joint pigment and small blood vessels that appear to be a flush similar to Rosacea.

The above remedies are effective and results appear in about six weeks. Usually 2 or 3 treatments are required.

Step 4- Relaxation of facial expression muscles

Botox® is a revolutionary new drug that effectively removes dynamic lines and wrinkles due to facial expression muscles. Frown lines, anxiety lines, crow feet, and bunny lines can all be reduced or removed. Lipstick lines, fine wrinkles around the lips may also be less. Botox® but only small amounts can be used.

There are many new “peptides”, one of which is acetyl3 hexapeptide, which is reported in red lines in the form of cream. Eventually, these agents will prove to be more effective, and possibly make Botox® injections unnecessary.

You can read more about this that Chapter 7, No Downtime Facial Anti-Aging Processes How Muscles Relieves, How Wrinkle Removal Agents Work

Step 5- Fill Deep Facial Lines and Contour Deposits

Soft tissue fillers such as reds ®, restylan®, your own fat and other fillers can be injected into the skin and the line can be camouflaged. They can also be used to fill contour distortions due to thickening the lips and aging of the face.

These fillers are temporary and must be repeated for every 6 months to one year. Fats injections can last for a long time and if done properly, remember, though, the filler technology is a camouflage, not an improvement.

Step 6- Structure of the skin

Skin constriction is a very important component of any facial rejuvenation process. Prior to the last one or two years, a face-lift though, new technologies are showing promising results in the form of non-surgical skin tightening methods using infrared, radiofrequency and combined 1319/1064 wavelength laser energy.

Two of these methods, Thermage®, which uses radiofrequency energy, and Titan® are improving an infrared device and result for 2 years. These methods are not non-surgical face-lift, as is often advertised, so do not be misguided. They can be tightened more than 30% in properly selected patients. There are complications with thermose®, in which some areas of skin have knowledge and experience.

Many non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques require many treatments for skin cleavage and, like many other laser and photographic techniques, the deep layers of the skin to rediscover the deep layers of the skin and make new collagen Is achieved by stimulating, which is a process. Time to see your results, usually 5 to 6 months.

Taking a non-surgical skin is most useful for young patients, who have started to loose neck skin, jaw line and cheeks. Older patients with severe facial dysfunction

The 6-step facial rejuvenation program is a carefully structured method for the application of revolutionary new methods to achieve effective non-surgical rejuvenation. This program takes time, but the results are visible and real after about 7 months, the same time frame, most people spend using creams and diets. Remember, it took a lifetime for your face, does it come to understand that this damage can be reversed overnight-not at all.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation program is expensive. These new technologies are expensive and of course. However, six-step programs make you face rejuvenation without risk, trouble and expenses of surgery. If your skin has total cost of money for creams, facials, fad diets and spa visits and 6-phase programs, then for those who are already treating facial rejuvenation in a doctor’s office, 6 -The program of study will produce better and more effective results.